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Join America’s most loved Medium Joseph LoBrutto III as he shares his wisdom about Heaven and Metaphysical topics as he  takes callers for Medium readings. Also join Kristen Terrell Owsley as she teaches people how to connect directly with and to live within the loving energy of Source as she gives Lifepath readings.

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Joseph LoBrutto is Truly is a Man of God”   Although I have been on the path as a powerful Psychic Medium for many years, I am known also as a “Man of God”. I serve God through my gifts as a channel, psychic medium, and healer by bringing wisdom, inspiration, healing and the teachings of God’s love to everyone. It is all one and it all starts from God’s highest energy – the energy of Love!

If you have found this website, there is a reason that you are here. We are all on this soul journey together. I have had the honor and privilege of teaching and reading for many thousands throughout the years, and I would love for you to join us here as we move forward into what is truly going to be a new age of spiritual enlightenment. 


Kristen Owsley teaches people how to connect directly with and to live within the loving energy of Source. Whatever earthly words are used to describe Kristen – leading light, spiritual master, or guru – there can be no denying the profound impact her work is having on those who are ready to hear her message. Because she herself has been able to master the process of staying within the high vibration of Source by recognizing, removing, and releasing low vibrational energy in order to maintain a clear channel to Source, she is able to help others connect with this energy as well. Many on the spiritual path are familiar with the power of forgiveness and gratitude but Kristen has a gift for showing us the metaphysical mechanics of these and other simple but powerful practices and explaining how and why they keep us linked into to the high vibration of loving Presence.

Joseph abilities are Amazing!!!

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People are saying

  I have been through Chemotherapy and several surgeries. I have earned that it had metastasis on my spine. Surgery wasn’t an option since I had stage four cancers in my bone resulting in five treatment of cyber knife on my spine.Following the treatments I felt between life and death but also felt as if I have been guided to meet            Joseph LoBrutto III.

My experience during the healing sessions is very personal but I can reveal that I could feel the energy being transmitted through Joseph to my back where my tumor was located. After a few sessions I had my tumor marker drawn, a MRI of the back and a PET Scan done and so far, I’M CLEARED!!!

I feel Privileged to have had Joseph’s contribution to my recent test results. I would encourage anyone to experience Joseph LoBrutto III healings for your own personal Benefit of a great healing. I believe that GOD Works through Joseph in a Loving way that there is NO Words that can explain it.
God Bless Nathalie
Palm City, FL.…