Personal Assistant Staci

I have been blessed to not only be Joseph’s friend for years but also his personal assistant for the past ten plus years.  Joseph was the one who set me on my spiritual journey. I look forward to meeting you when you book your Home Party, Reading or Healing with Joseph. Feel free to call if you have any questiions.

Receptionist Emily 

For those who have called into our office or visited you are greeted by Emily. She  has been taking care of Joseph’s clients and answering phones at Our Journey of Life for the past five years.


Events & Workshops Liaison 

I am Rev. Christine and my life purpose is to bring awareness through enlighten workshops and now working with Joseph as his events coordinator. I’m very excited about all the venues we are showcasing throughout our events and workshops tour in the United States and soon internationally.


About Joseph

The words ” I AM” mean God’s Strength, therefore I am Joseph, God’s Strength and Man of God. Throughout the years I have become known as a “Man of God” by dedicating myself to channeling Godly words of wisdom from the Ascended Masters and other beings of the God Source.

It was foretold by other prophets and healers that I would become known as a Spiritual Healing Medium and that is where my journey has taken me in recent years, increasing my abilities to bring God’s strength and healing power to those who are in need.

Today, in addition to mediumship and prophecy, I work with my Collective of Spirit Guides to perform miraculous healings of major disease, emotional and physical trauma, depression, and addictions. The problems that we encounter here on the earth plane are lessons along the way of our spiritual life path and healing takes place when we can understand and accept the spiritual wisdom that these challenges present to us. I offer spiritual life path readings to help with this learning and healing process. It also helps to have perspective in terms of exactly where we are in our soul’s journey, and in support of this I specialize in past life regression and future life progression to give perspective to my clients so that they can make the wisest life decisions for the highest good.

I have also published several immensely popular books for the New Age market; ”Is There More to Life Than What We Know?”, “The Promise”, and “Speaking to Heaven”, which many find to be great tools in pursuing their own spiritual journey of life.

As a channel, spirits can merge with me and their personalities come through to communicate with their loved ones like in the movie ‘Ghost’ with Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze. It feels to me like a thought that moves into my own consciousness and then I relay it to the person I’m reading. It’s almost like putting on a raincoat. You don’t check out of your body and the spirit does not check in, but we merge.  People often find the nature of these channeled messages to be quite profound, as though they were present with their loved ones. I also have a group of spirit guides and together we are part of a larger spiritual group called “The Collective”.  Spirit Guides are entities, or beings, that are currently in the spirit realm. They have agreed with a person on the earth plane to act as their guide or guardian. Since my mission in life is in part to teach others of the nature of reality and our spiritual journey of life through messages from the other side and healing, I have been gifted with a very strong team to help me accomplish this.

At the time of this writing, my guides include Sparrow Hawk, Patrick, Indigo, Genevieve, and Yeshua.  Sparrow Hawk is a protector of Mother Earth who appears to me as a Native American.  Patrick’s persona is that of a whimsical Irishman, always raising the vibrational energy in the room with his laughter.  Indigo is a color and energy-intuitive guide who helps me especially with meditation and channeling.  Genevieve is my very kind and loving Guardian Angel. And then there is Yeshua, the Ancient, the Christ energy that lives through all of us and that we Lightworkers are striving to help the world recognize and to ultimately embrace.

Briefly, here is a bit more about me.  I was born in Long Island, New York, and raised in South Florida. I am Italian/Spanish and I have the Taino (Caribbean Indian) bloodline as well. It is on my mother’s side of the family (the Spanish/Taino side) that generations of psychics, mediums, trance channels, and spiritual healers prevail. The force was always strong with me even when I was just a child. One of my earliest memories is of collecting figurines of Saints (just like other kids would collect baseball cards). Every Sunday at my church I would use my allowance for figurines of Saints and take them home to line them up on my windowsill. This was not an ordinary hobby for a young boy, but then again, I was not an ordinary boy!

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People are saying

We made an appointment to see Joseph after a friend recommended him as well as reading other reviews. Coming from a family who has medium gifts, I wanted an outside source for insight and healing. My husband was very skeptical and lets just say he was no longer a skeptic after meeting with Joseph. He left in tears!!! Joseph connected with loved ones who we needed closure from and he stated things from memories that no one would ever known details about. We plan on using him again individually for divine healing and again for readings. Definitely trust in him for your connection with loved ones, He is worth every penny.                    

 ~ Marisa Black Parton