I was actually shocked!

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Attended a few meetings at his Fort Lauderdale event this past weekend, and would say it was way more than worth it! I was shown that my gift is very real, that I am not imagining the things I know and feel. I was encouraged beyond measure to continue to learn. Joseph did a quick reading of my ring and was spot on! So much so that I was actually shocked! It helped heal some bad dynamics in a relationship.
The transfiguration séance was astounding! The spirits that came through were literally there! His entire body would change shape, very enlightening. There really is more to our lives than this world and body! Thank you Thank you Bless you Joseph for sharing your gift, and being so kind!
Lauren Katz…

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Joseph, it was such a wonderful experience to meet you and the session with you was incredible! In the reading you had me ask questions regarding my personal life. The morning before our session there was so much tension in my home that my first question was a concern with the relationship with my husband.

Your answer was full of wisdom and it did not stop there. When I returned home that evening after seeing you I found an apology note from my husband. Joseph. in 22 years of our marriage he has never written me a letter of apology. Just Amazing!!! I have a feeling of love and peace and I want to thank you for everything. Many Blessings”

~ Arlene Mee