It is comforting to know that your loved ones, Who have passed ,can see and hear you.

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I cannot express the gratitude for the peace of mind and for relieving my fear that my 16 year old daughter was lost to us forever, after she was killed in an accident a few months ago. You have helped to heal my broken heart and immense grief over her loss. The specific special occasions, that were important to her, in our short life together,were so specific and personal that I was immediately convinced of your ability. I had never seen a medium before and really did not know what to expect.
When you repeated what I silently prayed at her death bed in the hospital (that I never repeated to anyone) I felt I was actually in the room with her spirit. She told you about the heart locket , for her photos, I bought only a week earlier and that my father Francis met her first in the spirit realm. She even asked me to look after her pet rat Tony. My main concern was that she was happy. She said through you that she was the one who was happy, it was we on earth that still suffered. It also pleased me to hear that her mission in the spirit realm was to help guide troubled and lost young souls into the spirit realm, as her goal in life was to become a doctor or teacher for children.

At a later session I brought my three other children, in their teens, and two close friends of theirs, who had lost their mothers at an early age. Of course they were all skeptical, but after each was given loving, closely personal messages from their sister and their mother’s (one even gone for ten years) they were in tears. Their tears were of immense joy that all their prayers and questions were heard and answered by their loved ones, channeled through you. It is comforting to know that your loved ones, who have passed ,can see and hear you. Joseph you helped me with my grief more than anyone ever could and I send you my love and gratitude forever.
Sincerely, Francine…

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Joseph, it was such a wonderful experience to meet you and the session with you was incredible! In the reading you had me ask questions regarding my personal life. The morning before our session there was so much tension in my home that my first question was a concern with the relationship with my husband.

Your answer was full of wisdom and it did not stop there. When I returned home that evening after seeing you I found an apology note from my husband. Joseph. in 22 years of our marriage he has never written me a letter of apology. Just Amazing!!! I have a feeling of love and peace and I want to thank you for everything. Many Blessings”

~ Arlene Mee