Is There More To Life… got my curiosity going!

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I’m normally not a New Age reader or believer, but listening to my wife rave about this book got my curiosity going. First, the title Is There More To Life, really fits this book. It made me question life in general. Like maybe we are not alone and life does exist elsewhere. That maybe Angels or what the author described as Spiritual Beings are looking out for us.I was raised a Christian and believe in God but after reading this book I have become a stronger believer in God.

It made me think of the afterlife and how our soul will live on. And I have to say that The Promise chapter was incredible; it was as if Jesus himself narrated it.For years my wife was a strong believer in the New Age way of thinking, now I have to admit that she maybe right, that this book does give me something to think about.
Michael J. New York New York…

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