Is there more to Life… covered all that I believe in and I really enjoyed the book and all of its contents.

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I walked into a bookstore on business and there it was. “Is There More To Life Than What We Know?” by Joseph LoBrutto III My first response was, I hope so! My second thought was, there is so much more for those who have faith and believe. I actually had no idea at the time that I was going to even buy a book. Not only did I buy the book, I also had the pleasure of meeting the author. Boy I was thrilled; my timing could not have been more perfect as I had him signed my book. When I arrived home I could not wait to start reading the book. After reading the first few chapters I became so mesmerized that I could not put the book down until it was finished and thought to myself, wow this is amazing!
I have never believed in extraterrestrials, in fact my husband whom I been married to for over twenty years always had insisted that there is other life in the universe. Well okay, maybe there is more life out there but I’m certainly not going to tell him, especially after hearing it for all of these years. Myself I believe in God, His Disciples, and of course where would we be if we didn’t have his Angels. “Is There More To Life” covered all that I believe in and I really enjoyed the book and all of its contents. What I really relate too, that I hope and pray that people will have an Awakening to finding God, and respect for our Mother Earth.
Michelle Munker
Royal Palm Beach, Florida…

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Joseph, it was such a wonderful experience to meet you and the session with you was incredible! In the reading you had me ask questions regarding my personal life. The morning before our session there was so much tension in my home that my first question was a concern with the relationship with my husband.

Your answer was full of wisdom and it did not stop there. When I returned home that evening after seeing you I found an apology note from my husband. Joseph. in 22 years of our marriage he has never written me a letter of apology. Just Amazing!!! I have a feeling of love and peace and I want to thank you for everything. Many Blessings”

~ Arlene Mee