Life-Path Phone One or Two Question Reading

Joseph will provide insight on paths you may take and the opportunities and obstacles presented to you according to your questions. Remember that God gave us Free Will and the choice must be yours to make for the outcome of your life.

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Law of Attraction “Tapping Into the River of Abundance

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Why is it that some people seem to known the secrets of receiving and some do not? Maybe we think consciously that we want success in life, and then limit ourselves by thinking its not possible. As human beings we have a tendency to casting doubt on our manifesting potential. If we can learn to have no doubt and relies on that God will provide us with a river of divine abundance you will find that you will be able to manifest the things you need in life.

Track 1: Divine Affirmation Collection

Track 2: Introductions

Track 3: How does it Work!

Track 4: The Divine Masters

Track 5: Law of Attraction Session

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Life Path Readings

Life Path Phone One or Two Question Reading, 50 Minute Life Path Reading by Phone, 50 Minute Life Path Private Reading


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