Speaking to Heaven… answered all of my questions

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Book: Speaking to Heaven“I just finished reading Joseph’s new book Speaking to Heaven. I literally could not put this book down! I recently lost my beautiful daughter and in his book, Joseph answered all of my questions about what happens when we pass to the other side. It has brought me so much peace knowing she is in such a beautiful place. I now know she is still always here with us and will continue to be. For anyone who has lost a loved one, this is a must-read book. Thank you Joseph, for writing this book and for helping to bring so much comfort to me and to my family.

“I wanted to highlight a few of the chapters in your book I was most fascinated with. The chapter on over-souls was particularly interesting. It was a revelation to realize how our soul family stays together for all of eternity. Also the idea that we are reunited with our pets brought us so much comfort as well because our pets are “family” to us.

“I could really relate to the chapter ‘Signs are Everywhere’ about electrical energy. It explains about how when we pass we are pure energy and because of that we have the ability to turn on and off electrical equipment. This has happened numerous times to us as my daughter has shown her presence. Likewise in reading about how our loved ones visit us through visitation dreams; my other daughter had a visitation dream from her sister. When she awoke she said she felt as if she had been reunited with her sister and that she was physically with her. This dream was so vivid she can clearly remember every detail in the dream.

“Joseph, I truly loved this book! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for helping heal Kristen and for bringing me peace and comfort by connecting me with Lauren.”
Mary Beth Wylie

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Joseph, it was such a wonderful experience to meet you and the session with you was incredible! In the reading you had me ask questions regarding my personal life. The morning before our session there was so much tension in my home that my first question was a concern with the relationship with my husband.

Your answer was full of wisdom and it did not stop there. When I returned home that evening after seeing you I found an apology note from my husband. Joseph. in 22 years of our marriage he has never written me a letter of apology. Just Amazing!!! I have a feeling of love and peace and I want to thank you for everything. Many Blessings”

~ Arlene Mee